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National Taiwan Normal University
English Name: National Taiwan Normal University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: China-tw
Found Year: 1946
Address: No.162, Sec. 1,Heping E. Rd
National   Taiwan Normal University has been recognized as one of the TOP 12   universities in Taiwan due to its leading research in the fields of Chinese   Language Teaching and Science Education. Founded in 1946, it was first   established as a teacher training institute after World War II and has been   in recent years transformed into a comprehensive university. NTNU encompasses   three campuses and consists of 9 colleges, including 32 departments and 22   graduate institutes. A wide variety of courses and degrees, such as the arts,   humanities, education, social science, sports and recreation are offered.   Today, NTNU excels in internationalization; there are 307 partners, many of   which are high-ranking educational institutions, across 39 countries and over   1000 degree-seeking international students on campus. NTNU is also a pioneer   in international research in learning sciences: We’re awarded with a   composite research funding of US one million to establish the Advanced Center   for the Study of Learning Sciences, a joint enterprise with Penn State   University. To provide the best teaching resource, NTNU appointed Nobel   Laureate Mr. Xingjian Gao as Chair Professor. Besides, NTNU is   internationally known for the Mandarin Training Center that draws more than   1,500 international students from over 80 countries each quarter to undertake   studies in Chinese language and culture. To sum up, NTNU not only proffers an   active academic climate, but also embraces cultural diversity of Taiwan. 

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