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Kochi University
English Name: Kochi University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country/Region: Japan
Found Year: 1949
Address: Akebono-cho 2-5-1

Kochi University was founded in 1949 as a new authorized national institution on the amalgamated revision of Kochi Teacher Training School, Kochi High School and Kochi Young Men’s Teacher Training School, merged with Kochi Medical College in October 2003, and started a new as National University Corporation Kochi University in April 2004. The university now includes six faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Science, Medical School, Agriculture and Marine Sciences, and Regional Collaboration. It also has the Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences with six Master’s Courses: Humanities and Social Sciences, Studies in Education, Studies in Science, Medical Science, Nursing Science and Agricultural Sciences. The Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Science has three Doctoral Courses: Studies in Applied Science, Medicine and Kuroshio Science, and is a participant university in the United Graduate School of Agriculture for a Doctoral Course cooperated by Kochi University, Kagawa University and Ehime University. In  addition, Kochi University has the library, the General Education Center, the Science Research Center, the Center for International Collaboration, the Center for Regional Collaboration, the Integrated Information Center, the

Marine Core Research Center, the Health Service Center and other research and educational institutes and affiliated schools.At present, we have an enrolment of approximately 5,500 students and 1,700 academic, administrative, teaching and technical staff members.

What we aim at:


With the agreement of the Japanese people and in accordance with the Fundamental Law of Education, Kochi University shall promote the development of opportunities for learning and research and the production of human resources.

Kochi University’s General Objectives

Kochi University has a philosophy of promoting education and research activities comprehensively in its locality with full regard to the aim of producing “harmonious coexistence of all human beings and their environment ” (henceforth “environment-humanity harmony”) thereby establishing a society that can endure on such a basis. In education, we aim to produce professionals with profound knowledge of a wide range of fields. In research we promote academic investigations in a wide range of fields, especially taking advantage of the special features of the Kuroshio (Black Current) Region, which runs from South East Asia to Japan and having as its centre the Kochi Prefecture.
 Thus we aim to contribute to the solutions of various problems of the local communities, and to present the results to the rest or the world. To that end, we pursue the following basic objectives.


Kochi University aims to produce scholars with general knowledge of a wide range of fields along with extensive and practical ability in individually chosen major fields of study and able to contribute to the healthy development of local and international communities.
 One of our most important aims among our Mid-Term Objectives will be research on various problems and issues faced by the local communities seeking solutions to them on the basis of the philosophy of “environment-humanity harmony”.
 To that end, we propose to nurture in the undergraduate programmes general knowledge of the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences and life sciences combined with thorough practical effectiveness in single major fields of study. We also aim to nurture personal, social and international awareness qualities that are indispensable for all in their careers. At the graduate level, we aim to nurture knowledge, skills and abilities in self and expression to the highest international standards in each field of study.


Kochi University aims to promote pioneering, creative, and internationally competitive research, taking full advantage of the important locality of the Kochi Prefecture, South Shikoku and the Kuroshio Region, to extend the benefits of the results of our research to the rest of the country, and by so doing extend them to local and neighbouring communities and to international society at large.
 For example, we will promote research aimed at the protection of nature and the environment as well as at the improvement of people’s safety, health and quality of life.
 Activities are organized as follows: (1) Projects conducted at specific research bases, (2) Projects conducted in the fields of Natural Sciences, the Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine, and Multiple Sciences, and (3) Organized research conducted at the General Research Centre and the Marine Core General Research Centre, etc. We aim to promote extended exchanges between researchers and the continuous raising of standards in research.

<Community Link and Internationalization>

Kochi University will establish its foundation as an indispensable resource for the local communities through our teaching staff and students, and by providing varied sources of information always enhancing and developing our contribution to the local communities centring around the Kochi Prefecture.
 We aim to avail our educational and research results to countries in Asia and the Pacific Region, especially to developing communities making beneficial contributions to international wellbeing. We also aim to promote international exchanges between our local communities and other nations. We aim not only to promote internationalization but also to contribute to the activation of our local communities.


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