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Jordan University of Science and Technology
English Name: Jordan University of Science and Technology
Region: Western Asia
Country/Region: Jordan
Found Year: 1986
Address: Alramth Street

Jordan University of Science and Technology(JUST), established in 1986, is recognized for its science-based, technology focused academic programs. Occupying about 11 square kilometers of land, the University offers 40 BSc and 90 MSc programs and includes 60 academic departments and 14centers. Several programs are unique to JUST and are not available at any other university in Jordan. English is the language of instruction.

Admission at JUST is open to national and international students. Currently, about 25% of the students are international students representing 61 different countries. International students' admission is facilitated by correspondence via the Registrar’s Office e-mail which is publicized on the university web page. International students receive treatment equal to that of national students.

Jordan University of Science and Technology is engaged in a University-wide five year Strategic Planning initiative. The purpose of this effort is to strengthen the programs and services of the University on a continuing basis, identify opportunities, develop areas of excellence, and invest resources for the most significant outcomes. Through this initiative, JUST will be able to meet the needs of the population for quality of higher education and the growing demand for an educated manpower in the country. In preparation for the strategic planning process, the University defined its vision and mission. The University vision is:

"Towards a world-class university distinguished in high quality teaching and research to have gained ground among the top 500international universities by the year 2012."

Jordan University of Science and Technology is a national public university that emphasizes high quality teaching and a student-centered educational experience. Its mission is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with broad, stimulating and rigorous education; professional competencies; basic and applied research opportunities; and critical thinking skills that meet the needs of the labor market and that enable graduates to compete nationally, regionally and internationally.


The University is recognized in scientific research locally and regionally. For example, it is first among all Jordanian universities in terms of scientific research activity and accomplishments. Itis the only university in Jordan, which has been classified as one of the top fifty universities among 1460 universities and being among the top 3% of those universities in the Islamic world according to a study by the Center for the Islamic World for Training and Statistical Research, Economic and Social (SESRTCIC, Ankara Center). Having in mind JUST is the only University in the country which has been listed in the top fifty universities in the Islamic world. The study was based on the identification of the best research indicators which are objective and measurable, and included all the universities that are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

The University is also known for its highly qualified faculty. Some faculty members are recognized internationally in their disciplines; two have earned the seventh and twentieth classifications of Leading Scientist (OIC); and others hold patents for their inventions. Faculty members at JUST have also earned over 95 distinguished national and regional research awards.


Most faculty members at JUST obtained their PhDs from prestigious universities around the world. The University maintains a policy of sponsorships, which continues to receive priority in its budget. This policy plays a significant role in the development of a large number of qualified teaching staff in the disciplines of rare programs. The total number of sponsorships over the past years is about 800, including about450 faculty member teaching staff within the current academic year and there maining are enrolled at recognized universities worldwide. It is also the policy of the university to ensure that all joining faculty are educated in well known school in order to maintain the quality of the University.


A system for the accreditation of academic institutions has been initiated in Jordan. Committees were charged with the self-study for the accreditation site visit for the University of Science and Technology. Based on their visit, the university achieved full accreditation by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission in the country. The committee verified that the University met the accreditation standards and that the University is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies that keep pace with scientific progress in the world. The accreditation team also reported that the faculty members posses the necessary competencies of highly qualified teaching and research. As for the library, the committee agreed that JUST maintains a large collection of resources and references, both hard-copies and electronic databases, which qualifies it to be a leading institution of science and technology. Moreover, the Committee found that the University is actively engaged in community service via the sponsorship of free seminars and training courses for people in the area. These indicators exceed the minimum required to recognize JUST as a distinguished institution of higher education.

Accreditation is tone component of quality improvement. Some colleges within JUST have obtained international accreditation within the discipline. For example, some programs in the Engineering College are fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Other programs in the Engineering College as well as Computer Engineering in the Information and Technology College are in the process of ABET Accreditation. Also the Occupational Therapy Department in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences received full accreditation from the International Council for Occupational Therapy (WFOT). The college of Medical and Surgery are preparing for international accreditation and they are ready to apply for the World Federation for Medical Education. All other colleges in the University were encouraged to proceed with international accreditation.


King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), located on the Jordan University of Science and Technology campus, is one of the distinct landmarks in Jordan and the region in design and quality of healthcare services. As a general hospital, KAUH provides clinical and referral services to other healthcare sectors in Jordanin a framework of mutual agreements and contract. In addition, it is a teaching hospital where university health science students receive education, training and mentoring. 

It is worth mentioning that according to QS WUR 2011, JUST has been ranked as 601+

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