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Hanyang University
English Name: Hanyang University
Region: Eastern Asia
Country: South Korea
Found Year: 1939
Address: Hanyang University, 17 Haengdang-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul 133-791, Korea, Republic of

Hanyang University is a private research university in South Korea. The main campus is in Seoul, and the second one, the Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan, or ERICA campus is located in Ansan. The name ‘Hanyang’ derives from the former name of the capital city (current Seoul) during the Chosun Dynasty. Its founding philosophy is Love in Deed and Truth, and educational philosophy is to cultivate graduates equipped with the virtues of diligence, honesty, humility and service. Dr. ‘Paikman’ Kim Lyun-joon established the nation’s first engineering institute (DongA Engineering Institute) in 1939 which became the founding facility of Hanyang University, and the institute is reorganized into Hanyang University 1959. Hanyang University has high competitiveness in a field of engineering with alumni network of 300,000 working in various fields. This leads to gain its nickname ‘Engine of Korea’, throughout 70 years of its history.

Hanyang University currently has 15 colleges and 60 departments on Seoul campus, and 8 colleges and 40 departments on ERICA campus. The university also has 21 graduate schools as well. Hanyang University has international partnerships with around 700 universities in 70 countries and over 2500 degree seeking foreign students study in Hanyang University each year.

Total Enrollment:33065
           International Students:2878 (8%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:24536
           International Students: 1997 (8%)
Graduate Enrollment:8529
           International Students:881 (10%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Applied Art Education
           Architectural Engineering
           Automotive Engineering
           Bimedical Engineering
           Business Administration
           Chemical Engineering
           Chinese Language and Literature
           Cival and Environmental Engineering
           Computer Science Education
           Computer Sciences and Engineering
           Economics and Finance
           Education Technology
           Electric Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Energy Engineering
           English Language and Literature
           English Language Education
           German Language and Literature
           Industrial Engineering
           Information System
           Journalism and Mass Comunication
           Korean Language and Literature
           Korean Language Education
           Korean Traditional Music
           Life Sciences
           Materials Science and Engineering
           Mathematics Education
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mineral, Petroleum and Environmental Engineering
           Molecular System Engineering
           Nuclear Engineering
           Performative Humanities
           Political Science and Diplomacy
           Public Administration
           String and Wind Instrument
           Urban Planning and Engineering
Graduate Programs
           Advanced Construction & Structural Engineering
           Advertising and Public Relations
           Architectural Design
           Architectural Engineering
           Architectural Environment & Installation
           Art Education
           Biology Education
           Biomedical Engineering
           Biomedical Science
           Broadcasting & Communication Media
           Broadcasting & Visual Communication
           Business Administration
           Care & Case Management
           Chemistry Education
           Chinese Studies
           City & Soc Investment Development
           Computer Education
           Computer Science & Engineering
           Construction Engineering
           Construction Management (Architectural)
           Construction Management (Civil)
           Counseling Psychology
           Dance Education
           Department of American Studies
           Digital Culture & Contents
           Early Childhood Education
           Education For Human Resource Development
           Educational Psychology
           Educational Technology
           Electrical Engineering
           Electronic Communication Engineering
           Electronic Education
           Electronic Engineering
           English Language Education
           Entertainment Contents
           Environmental Engineering
           Environmental Engineering
           General Social Sciences Education
           Gerontological Welfare
           Gerontology & Dementia Nursing
           Health Education
           Higher-Education Management
           History Education
           Home Economics Education
           Industrial & Environmental Design
           Industrial & Information Systems Engineering
           Industrial Engineering
           Industrial Engineering, Management
           Industrial Engineering, Management & Design
           Industrial Engineering, Management & Design
           Interactive & Information Design
           Internet Media
           Japanese Studies
           Korean As A Second Language
           Korean Language Education
           Korean Studies
           Landscape Architecture & Ecological Restoration
           Landscape Urbanism
           Logistics Scm
           Major In Advanced Gemology
           Major In Hospice Nursing
           Materials & Chemical Engineering
           Materials & Chemical Engineering
           Materials & Chemical Engineering(Ceramic Engineering)
           Materials & Chemical Engineering(Chemical Engineering)
           Mathematics Education
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mental & Psychiatric Health Nursing
           Newspaper, Magazine & Publishing
           Nutrition Education
           Physical Education
           Physics Education
           Public Administration Local Autonomy
           Russian Studies
           Social Welfare
           Soil & Foundation Engineering
           Special Gerontological Nursing
           Technology Management
           Theater and Cinema Education
           Therapy Education
           Tourism & Hospitality Administration
           Tourism Policy & Development
           Train System Engineering
           Translational Medicine
           Urban & Real Estate Development
           Urban and Architectural Design
           Urban Planning & Development Management
           Urban Studies
           Urban Studies
           Visual Communication & Brand-Packaging Design
           Water Resources and Harbor Engineering

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