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Gdansk University of Technology
English Name: Gdansk University of Technology
Region: Eastern Europe
Country/Region: Poland
Found Year: 1904
Address: Gabriela Narutowicza 11/12

Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) is a Polish, public, academic and fully autonomous state university. GUT is also the oldest and largest technical university in Northern Poland. The University is guided by the principles of freedom of teaching, scientific research, artistic creation, ethics and respect for law, including intellectual property. It prevents discrimination.

GUT's mission is to provide high quality education for the needs of the dynamically developing economy and society, conduct scientific research and its commercialisation at the level ensuring the participation of the University in civilisation changes, enrichment of culture and development of science and technology.


In 2017, the European Commission granted the prestigious ‘HR Excellence in Research’ award to Gdańsk University of Technology. It is a symbol of quality assuring the highest standards of research and employment of the leading staff at GUT. Since this time the University has been using ‘HR Logo’. Moreover since 2018, GUT has also received the ‘EUA-IEP’ award (European University Association – Institutional Evaluation Program) from the European University Association.

GUT offers first and second cycle studies in full-time and part-time form, doctoral studies (by the end of 2023) and education in Doctoral Schools, and non-degree postgraduate studies and other forms of education. There are 9 faculties, which offers 33 Bechelor’s and Master’s degree programmes, including 14 fields of study and specialisations in English, Ph.D. studies in 18 disciplines. The Doctoral School and the Implementation Doctoral School at GUT offers education in 12 disciplines.

GUT’s scientific potential makes it an influential research university. Interdisciplinary projects are often conducted in partnership with international consortia and business stakeholders. That’s why on October 2008 GUT decided to begin the first edition of MBA in Strategy, Programme and Project Management with a concept of three specializations to choose. International quality of GUT MBA studies was confirmed in 2015 by AMBA accreditation.


In October 2019 Gdańsk University of Technology was awarded a status of research university in the national program ‘Initiative of Excellence – Research University’. GUT was ranked second in the classification amongst 20 Polish universities and was recognized as top technical university. The award represents a great honour and prestige to GUT as well as additional financial resources over the period of seven years that will be allocated to the development of research and teaching priority areas within the University.

GUT declared establishing of 4 Priority Research Centers:

              BioTechMed Center

              EcoTech Center

              Advanced Materials Center

              Digital Technologies Center


The BioTechMed Center is dedicated for research and implementation of modern technologies in the field of biomedical engineering, molecular and pharmaceutical biotechnology as well as methods of searching for new drugs. The scope of works will encompass the new biomedical measurement methods (including artificial intelligence methods), patient diagnosis and therapy, and dedicated device control systems that are widely used in medicine, including rehabilitation and exoskeletons. Works will also aim at developing a strategy of nutritional prevention in chronic non-communicable diseases.

The EcoTech Center is expected to shape a harmonious, sustainable space for human life facing current environmental challenges. Sought will be solutions that will counteract the negative effects of human activities including innovative pro-ecological solutions for intelligent urban and extra-urban areas. In the scope of interest will be development of new methods for monitoring the environment and infrastructure, as well as modern technologies for production of electricity and heat, contributing to reduction of the carbon footprint and meeting the harmful emission targets.

The Advanced Materials Center focuses on the production and characterization of innovative materials (including polymer and carbon, nanomaterials, superconductors and high-temperature conductive materials) with wide application in industry and medicine, but also aeronautics and ocean technology. In addition, activities in the new Center are dealing with issues related to the technology of manufacturing and obtaining innovative structures and instruments, material recycling and metrology.

The Digital Technologies Center develops technologically advanced solutions in the field of electronics, IT, automation, robotics and mechatronics as well as telecommunications. Actions are aimed to improve the broadly understood safety and comfort of society. They will enable an increase in the efficiency of enterprises and institutions by preparing systems for more effective management of their structure. Research teams will also create innovative design techniques and production technologies that will allow the development of new sensors, devices and systems.


In order to meet the objectives of the research centers GUT is going to attract new researchers to join them. People with best skills and highest competences that will bring a new scientific quality to GUT are to be sought. New academic staff will be outstanding specialists not only from Poland, but also from abroad. Best possible working conditions will be offered to talented M.Sc. and doctoral students.

Moreover GUT hosts a number of research centres in which advanced scientific activity is conducted, for the development of smart specialisations, among others  Centre of Competence Novel Infrastructure for Workable Applications (C^2NIWA), Centre of Excellence WiComm and Eco-Innovation Centre.

The university has 537 contracts under the Erasmus Programme and 104 framework agreements on cooperation with foreign universities. GUT is a member of many international cooperation networks, including CESAER (Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research), BSRUN (Baltic Sea Region University Network), EUA (European University Association) and CDIO (Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate), and participates in international programmes such as Erasmus+, Erasmus Mundus, EEA grants, Norwegian Financial Mechanism, CEEPUS. 

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