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Bilkent University
English Name: Bilkent University
Region: Western Asia
Country/Region: Turkey
Found Year: 1984
Address: Bilkent University - Bilkent

Bilkent University

Bilkent University is recognized and ranked internationally as one of the premier institutions of higher education in Turkey.

Bilkent University was founded in 1984 as Turkey's first private, nonprofit institution of higher education. The university hosts 13,000 students pursuing degrees in 29 undergraduate and 58 graduate programs. 63% of the student body is on scholarship.

The medium of instruction at Bilkent is English. There are 760 faculty members; international faculty members from 34 countries comprise one-fourth of this number. There is a growing body of full-time international students and exchange students coming from 67 countries. 

Chief among the factors that ensure a high standard of education at Bilkent is a faculty engaged in research. As mentors and instructors, they interact with students in modern classrooms and state-of-the-art laboratories. Bilkent actively invests in new educational and research technologies. Undergraduates may take part in projects conducted in high-tech facilities ranging from nanotechnology centers to digital content creation and editing laboratories.

 The Bilkent University Library is the most extensive academic library in Turkey. In addition to its large collection of books, the Library provides onsite and remote access to journals and databases to meet the scholarly needs of students and faculty. 

The dormitories offer a safe and comfortable environment for 4,360 students. Bilkent also offers a lively campus atmosphere. Around 100 student clubs are active in a variety of areas, from music and photography to chess and volunteer work. The 500-hectare campus features three sports halls with fitness centers, athletic fields, and an indoor swimming pool. The world-renowned Bilkent Symphony Orchestra gives weekly performances during the academic year. Radio Bilkent plays a mix of international and Turkish hits and sponsors many activities on campus.

Located in the country's capital city Ankara, Bilkent University serves as a hub of academic, social, and cultural activity. 

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