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Bilkent University
English Name: Bilkent University
Region: Western Asia
Country: Turkey
Found Year: 1984
Address: Bilkent University - Bilkent

Bilkent University


Bilkent University is recognized and ranked internationally as the premier institution of higher education in Turkey. Located in the country's capital city Ankara, a vibrant metropolis of 4.5 million, Bilkent is a hub of academic, social, and cultural activity.

Founded in 1984 by Prof. İhsan Doğramacı (1915 - 2010), Bilkent University is Turkey's first private, non-profit institution of higher education. With world-renowned scholars among its faculty and top-notch facilities throughout its campus, Bilkent attracts many of Turkey's brightest high school graduates. The University hosts 13,000 students seeking degrees in 29 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs. 47% of Bilkent University’s student body benefits from a variety of scholarships. None of Bilkent University’s scholarships carry any future obligations on the part of the recipient.

Bilkent University prides itself on its truly international perspective. The medium of instruction at Bilkent is English, and its international community of scholars and students forms an essential component of academic programs, research activities, and social life. International faculty and instructors make up more than a quarter of all academic staff and represent 40 different countries. Most of them were working in prominent universities in North America and Europe when they received offers from Bilkent University. There is a growing body of full-time international students, as well as exchange students visiting from more than 250 partner institutions from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Azerbaijan, China, Japan, Pakistan, and Australia amongst others.

Chief among the factors that ensure a high standard of education is a highly productive faculty body actively engaged in research. According to ISI Citation Indexes, Bilkent ranks high internationally in terms of published papers statistics. The University actively invests in new educational and research technologies, thereby providing a dynamic research environment cultivating high-quality research. Facilities include extensive computer and internet infrastructure, modern classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories and studios. Students take part in projects that utilize high-tech facilities such as nanotechnology centers, clean room laboratories, microbiology and genetics laboratories, and digital content creation and editing laboratories. To support its students' academic success, Bilkent provides unlimited access to computer labs around the clock.

The Bilkent University Library is the most extensive academic library in the country, visited by over 800.000 students and researchers annually. In addition to its large collection of books, the Library provides on-site and remote access to journals and data bases necessary to meet the needs of students and faculty. The Health Center is open 24 hours every day with its specialist physicians and nurses. The Career Center provides students and alumni guidance for their career development. Through a vast array of services, this center encourages students to identify their personal interests, acquire practical experiences, and prepare themselves for their future steps to join the 37.000 alumni pursuing successful careers in five continents.



Bilkent University provides on-campus housing for the duration of a student's stay. The dormitories provide a safe and comfortable environment for 4,000 students. Students who live off-campus commute via a frequent and free shuttle system operated to various locations. In addition to snack bars in all the dormitories, Bilkent campus and adjacent areas feature a wide variety of eateries, cafeterias, cafés, and coffee shops for enjoying a quick snack or a full meal with friends. There are also kiosks located throughout campus for items of convenience and a small grocery store that sells fresh produce and stocks items to suit the tastes of an international community.

The 1,200-acre Bilkent campus and environs provide many options for engaging with the University community. The world-renowned Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, consisting proficient artists from Turkey and 12 other countries, offers weekly performances during the academic year. Radio Bilkent provides a mix of international and Turkish hits and sponsors many activities on campus. Student clubs number around 100 and engage students on topics from music and performing arts to sports and technology. The campus features two art galleries that display travelling exhibitions in addition to the many smaller venues for showcasing student and faculty art. Students find many daily choices from lecture and film series offerings to outdoor concerts in the fine Anatolian spring. Located a short walk off campus are diversions such as a multiplex cinema showing international films, a bowling alley, restaurants, cafés, boutique shops, and salons.

A wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities provide students with many choices of sports activities and competitive events. Student teams compete with local rivals in football, basketball, volleyball and American football. The campus features three sports halls with modern fitness centers, athletic fields, courts, and a swimming pool. Tournaments are held throughout the academic year in various sports such as basketball, football and table tennis. Bilkent encourages students to embrace "Sports as a Way of Life" with many opportunities to actively compete, learn a new sport, or just stay fit.

Bilkent University is proud to provide an environment for learning and intellectual growth encompassing the sciences, technology and humanities, and will surely continue to rank amongst the finest universities in the world. 

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