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Bar-Ilan University
English Name: Bar-Ilan University
Region: Western Asia
Country: Israel
Found Year: 1955
Address: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52100, Israel

Since its inception in 1955, Bar-Ilan University, the fastest-growing institution of higher education in Israel, has grown into a leading academic institution. The academic standard at Bar-Ilan University is among the highest in Israel. Its outstanding professors and researchers, personally committed to provide their students with excellent education, cultivate independent thinking and personal growth.

The university provides BA, MA and PhD degrees on our award-winning campus just outside Tel Aviv and in our Medical school campus in the north of Israel, are joined by thousands more who are enrolled in certificate and enrichment programs, including the largest in-service teacher training program in Israel. BIU continuously expands its academic programs, rising to the challenges of global and local shifts, while maintaining the objective of academic excellence.

Bar-Ilan University is world renowned for its research and development initiatives and its groundbreaking scientific accomplishments. The University's research centers span across a wide range of disciplines, such as nanotechnology, physics, bio-engineering, mathematics, brain research, computers, robotics, music, archeology, law, Jewish studies, Clinical medicine - Medical school, medicinal chemistry and optometry.

Bar-Ilan University offers programs specifically designed for English speaking students: A one-year program for international undergraduate students, provides a unique experience combining the study of Jewish Heritage, academic studies and the exploration of the Land of Israel; the Ulpan Program, for improving Hebrew language skills; the International MBA Program; the Creative Writing Program, and more.

Bar-Ilan offers several programs specifically designed for English speaking students. The one-year program for undergraduate students, provides a unique experience combining the study of Jewish Heritage, academic studies and the exploration of the Land of Israel. Students can also join the Ulpan Program, and improve their Hebrew skills. We also offer several English-language graduate programs, such as the International MBA Program, the Creative Writing Program, and more.

But at Bar-Ilan we are not satisfied with merely being another great research university. We see our mission as something far more challenging and historic. We build character and leadership for Israel and the Jewish nation, based on the belief in the centrality of Israel to the Jewish world as its national homeland. We provide opportunities for our students and faculty to draw from traditional Jewish values to shape their deeds and destiny.

The University is comprised of students from all over Israel; secular and religious; Jews and non-Jews; Sabras and new immigrants. Included within the BIU family, as well, are a multi-faceted academic faculty and administrative staff. Their confluence represents a mosaic of the State of Israel, providing a unique atmosphere for open exchange of ideas and embracement of the "other." Diversity is a key on the BIU campus, and tolerance and civility our operating code.

At Bar-Ilan our students learn to assume social responsibility. They are provided with an opportunity to become knowledgeable Jews, both formally, though our unique program which requires every student to take academic level Jewish studies courses, thereby grounding them in the basics of Judaism, and informally, through the vast multitude of Jewish experiences available on campus.

To paraphrase the inspirational quote of a renowned 19th century figure: At Bar-Ilan University we provide our students with “wings and roots” – the wings to ‘fly’ academically, scientifically – to push back new boundaries of knowledge, learn new things, explore new intellectual universes; and the roots to 'bind' them to this earth, to ensure they fulfill their moral and ethical obligations, and become better people and better Jews.

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
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Graduate Enrollment:
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Bachelors Studies Program
           Bible Studies
           Apocrypha And Qumran Literature
           Ancient Middle East
           Rabbinic Interpretation And Medieval Interpretation
           Stylistic And Literary Aspects
           Land Of Israel Studies
           Jewish Oral Tradition
           Jewish History
           Sephardic And Eastern Jewry
           Hebrew Language
           Jewish Literature
           Medieval Literature
           Literature Of Hassidism And Ethics
           Hebrew Literature In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries
           Hebrew Literature In The 20th Century
           Land Of Israel Studies And Archeology
           Judaic Studies
           Multidisciplinary Studies In Jewish Studies
           Middle East Studies
           General History
           European Studies
           Western World Studies
           American Studies
           The Ancient East
           Greek and Roman History
           History of the Middle Ages
           History of the Modern Age
           General Philosophy
           General And Jewish Philosophy
           Comparative Literature
           Literary Translation
           Information Studies
           Information Science And Librarianship
           Bibliographic Studies
           French Culture
           Classical Studies
           Musical Technologies
           Multidisciplinary Humanities
           Studies In South And East Asia
           Israeli Sign Language
           Logistics Management
           Technology Management
           Behavioral Biology
           Sociology And Anthropology
           Social Leadership
           Digital Culture
           Human Resource Management
           Economics-Business Administration
           Political Science
           Military, Strategic And National Security
           Government And Politics
           International Relationship
           Thought And Political Organization In Judaism
           Local Government And Public Administration
           Communication (Temporary Certification)
           Integrated Social Sciences
           Details: Studies In Psychology, Criminology And Sociology
           General: Studies In Economics, Sociology And Political Science
           Studies In The Fields Of Social Sciences And Life Sciences For The Students Of The Department Of Radiology And Imaging
           Geography And Environmental Studies
           Social Work
           Fundamentals Of Education
           Educational Administration And Supervision
           Informal Education
           Educational Guidance
           Special Education
           Early Childhood Education
           Leadership And Management Of Education Systems
           Educational Administration
           Social Education
           Life Sciences
           Molecular And Medical Molecular Biology
           Developmental Biology And Physiology Of Animals
           Clinical Laboratory Sciences
           Animal And Plant Sciences
           Computational Biology
           Human Biology
           Computer Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           Pharmaceutical Chemistry
           Computer Science
           Brain Science
           Brain Sciences - Computational
           Neuroscience - Behavioral
           Biological Sciences
           Neuroscience - Linguistics

Graduate Studies Program
           Bible Studies
           Pedagogical Innovation
           Jewish Oral Tradition
           Jewish History
           Ancient History
           Modern And Contemporary Jewry
           The Middle Ages
           Contemporary Jewry
           Hebrew Language
           Editing (Diploma Studies)
           Hebrew Language And Background
           Comparative Classic
           Modern Hebrew And Its Background
           The Study Of Language And Society
           Jewish Literature
           Period Of Enlightenment
           New Hebrew
           The Middle Ages
           Land Of Israel Studies
           Conservation And Development Of Landscape And Cultural Assets
           Material Culture
           Judaism Studies
           Middle East
           The Ancient East
           Modern Times - The Middle East
           Middle East - Middle Ages
           General History
           The Middle Ages
           Modern Times - Europe
           Modern History - American Studies
           Not Roman
           Science And Halakhah (Jewish Law)
           General Philosophy
           Comparative Literature
           Comparative Study Of Eastern Asian Cultures And Literatures
           Information Studies
           Digital Humanities
           Study Of The Hebrew Book
           Information Science
           Librarianship And Information Science
           Judeo-Arabic Languages
           History Of Islam
           The Culture Of Islam
           Jewish Linguistics
           Arabic Literature
           Linguistics And English Literature - Linguistics
           Linguistics For Clinical Research
           Linguistics In Clinical Research
           French Culture
           Classical Studies
           Jewish Music
           History Of Western Music
           Music Therapy
           Translation And Translation Studies
           Translation Studies : Hebrew-French
           Translation Studies : Hebrew English
           Translation Studies : Hebrew Arabic
           Translation Studies : Hebrew Russian
           Translation Studies : Hebrew-German
           Translation Studies : Hebrew-Spanish
           Supply Chain Management And Logistics
           Public Health And Health Management Systems
           Industrial Management
           Logistics Management For Managers
           Social And Organizational Psychology
           Educational Psychology
           Rehabilitation Psychology
           Experimental Research Psychology
           Clinical Psychology
           Clinical Psychology Of The Child
           Psychology, Cognition, Emotion And Brain
           Clinical Rehabilitation Psychology
           Sociology And Anthropology
           Social Psychology
           Organizational Sociology
           Social Anthropology
           Society And Culture
           Sociology Of Health
           Modern Society
           Organizational Consulting
           Sociology Of Religion
           Sociology Of Jewish Society
           Sociology Of Israeli Society
           Ethnicity (Research Of Ethnic Groups)
           Formal Organizations In Modern Society
           Business Economics
           Finance And Banking
           Public And Political Economics
           Human Resources
           Business Administration
           Financing: Corporate Finance
           Financing: Investment Management
           Marketing: Digital Marketing
           Marketing: International Marketing
           Management And Organizational Behavior

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