China offers affordable and reasonable educational costs for international students, plus its competitive living expense. China is becoming one of the best destinations for foreign study.


A wide diversity of scholarship programs is provided for different background international students at all levels to cover full or partial tuitions, dormitory and living allowance.


The entry requirements are not high compared to those in the West. Besides, students have multiple choices to take different programs taught in English or Chinese in world-class universities.


Chinese universities have been increasingly improving the quality of academy, research, innovation, and teaching level over the past few years. Now, some of them have been fallen into the top tier of many global rankings as well as highly respected. Based on the statistics, China has had more universities under the world ranking list of higher education than any other countries except United states. Find world ranking here.


China is considered to be one of the most secure countries in the world. Firearm possession without genuine reasons is lawfully prohibited. It is safe to hang out even at mid-night in most big cities.


The written records of the history of China can be found as early as 1500 BC. The country has been through numerous dynasties, countless civil wars, and foreign invaders over the past thousands of years. It not only survived but boasted a vast and varied geographic expanse as well as a rich and profound culture. The Chinese culture is well famous in the world by its heritage, art, symbol, food, and lots of traditions. It would be a great chance for international students to learn and experience this diverse and unique spirit here.

As the second largest economy in the world, after the USA, China has been a world leader in many industries such as high-speed railway, telecommunications, and geostationary satellite.

The development strategy of “the Belt and Road Initiative”was proposed in the recent years to further develop connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries in order for China to take a larger role in the global affairs and make itself a centered trading network. During this period, infrastructure investment, real estate, power grid, and iron and steel have been strongly emphasized on. In the expected future, more and more job opportunities shall be created and this would offer international graduates more choices after the study, either stay for working in China or go back to home country.

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