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ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2020 - Mining & Mineral Engineering
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World Rank Institution* Country/Region National/Regional
Total Score Score on
1Central South University1262.2100.0
2China University of Mining and Technology - Xuzhou2259.365.6
3China University of Geosciences (Beijing)3226.495.8
4The University of Western Australia1225.172.4
5China University of Mining and Technology - Beijing4214.247.7
6Sichuan University5207.036.6
7The University of Adelaide2205.045.5
8China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)6204.267.2
9Monash University3203.048.6
10Shandong University of Science and Technology7196.032.5
11University of Lorraine1193.245.5
12The University of Queensland4192.085.1
13The University of New South Wales5189.449.0
14Northeastern University (Shenyang)8184.563.8
15Kyushu University1178.035.5
16The University of Hong Kong1177.733.1
17Chongqing University9177.638.3
18McGill University1177.458.4
19Curtin University6174.857.4
20University of Toronto2174.733.1
21Nanjing University10174.652.6
22University of Alberta3169.446.0
23Imperial College London1169.234.9
24Pennsylvania State University - University Park1167.731.2
25University of Tasmania7166.643.7
26Colorado School of Mines2166.539.3
27Technical University Freiberg1164.840.8
28The University of Texas at Austin3164.423.9
29University of Science and Technology Beijing11164.359.1
30Dalian University of Technology12163.325.5
31Wuhan University13161.226.3
32China University of Petroleum - Beijing14159.523.0
33Peking University15157.947.3
34Henan Polytechnic University16157.823.9
34Laurentian University4157.832.5
36KTH Royal Institute of Technology1156.825.5
37University of Leoben1156.638.3
38RMIT University8154.631.2
38Sun Yat-sen University17154.641.8
40PSL University2153.928.5
41Tongji University18151.624.7
42University of Wollongong9151.025.5
43Chengdu University of Technology19149.327.8
44The University of Newcastle, Australia10148.337.2
45University of Tehran1147.738.8
46ETH Zurich1146.227.8
47University of British Columbia5145.239.8
48Shandong University20144.823.9
48Université Grenoble Alpes3144.820.2
50Tsinghua University21144.029.9
51-75Amirkabir University of Technology2-629.2
51-75Chang'an University22-2627.1
51-75Fuzhou University22-2621.1
51-75Hohai University22-2622.1
51-75Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur127.8
51-75Isfahan University of Technology2-627.8
51-75Islamic Azad University2-628.5
51-75James Cook University1135.5
51-75Kunming University of Science and Technology22-2642.8
51-75Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU134.3
51-75Polytechnic University of Madrid126.3
51-75Queen's University631.2
51-75RWTH Aachen University230.6
51-75Seoul National University128.5
51-75Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman Sbuk2-629.2
51-75Sorbonne University423.0
51-75Taiyuan University of Technology22-2628.5
51-75Tarbiat Modares University2-634.3
51-75University of Cape Town151.8
51-75University of Chile139.8
51-75University of Exeter2-333.1
51-75University of Kentucky4-625.5
51-75University of Leeds2-322.1
51-75University of Tennessee - Knoxville4-627.1
51-75University of Utah4-632.5
76-100Aalto University1-229.9
76-100Anhui University of Science and Technology27-3015.6
76-100Complutense University of Madrid2-423.0
76-100Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul128.5
76-100Indian Institute of Technology Indian School of Mines Dhanbad228.5
76-100Istanbul Technical University127.8
76-100Jilin University27-3031.2
76-100Lulea University of Technology233.7
76-100Missouri University of Science and Technology7-825.5
76-100Saint Petersburg State University122.1
76-100Southwest University of Science and Technology27-3023.0
76-100Stellenbosch University2-336.6
76-100The University of Melbourne12-1325.5
76-100The University of Tokyo223.0
76-100Universidad Catolica Del Norte222.1
76-100University of Granada2-423.0
76-100University of Naples Federico II122.1
76-100University of Oulu1-225.5
76-100University of Oviedo2-425.5
76-100University of Regina7-831.2
76-100University of South Australia12-1338.8
76-100University of the Witwatersrand2-337.2
76-100Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University7-821.1
76-100Western University7-826.3
76-100Wuhan University of Technology27-3033.1

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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