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ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Marine/Ocean Engineering
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World Rank Institution* Country/Region Total Score Score on
1Shanghai Jiao Tong University282.8100.0
2Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU250.179.9
3Dalian University of Technology242.381.9
4Harbin Engineering University232.172.4
5University of Lisbon221.867.5
6Tianjin University218.957.4
7The University of Western Australia218.350.6
8Plymouth University192.439.5
9Hohai University191.360.5
10Zhejiang University188.567.0
11National University of Singapore184.651.3
12University of Strathclyde184.152.0
13Griffith University182.935.3
14Delft University of Technology178.956.7
15University College London176.749.1
16Ocean University of China176.452.0
17Federal University of Rio de Janeiro175.540.4
17Seoul National University175.562.1
19China University of Petroleum - Beijing175.440.7
20University of Genoa174.939.5
21Nanyang Technological University171.943.6
22Newcastle University171.444.2
23University of Cantabria166.035.3
24University of Southampton164.344.2
25University of Michigan-Ann Arbor164.146.6
26Jiangsu University of Science & Technology163.836.6
27Technical University of Denmark162.847.4
28University of Tasmania162.045.8
29National Technical University of Athens161.842.5
30Pusan National University158.859.7
31Huazhong University of Science and Technology157.736.6
31Texas A&M University157.740.4
33Dalian Maritime University152.139.8
34Istanbul Technical University150.044.2
35Wuhan University of Technology149.842.5
36The University of Tokyo148.344.4
37Indian Institute of Technology Madras146.538.6
38Amirkabir University of Technology145.939.8
39Tongji University144.536.3
40Yildiz Technical University144.138.9
41University of Delaware143.935.6
42Osaka University142.939.2
43The University of New South Wales139.335.6
44Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)137.137.3
45Memorial University of Newfoundland135.736.0
46Wuhan University132.736.6
47University of California, San Diego130.141.6
48Chalmers University of Technology127.835.3
48Colorado State University127.835.6
50Gdansk University of Technology124.555.2

* Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically.

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