Academic Ranking of World Universities

Macedonian HEIs Ranking 2011-2012

Indicators and Weights

Dimension Indicator Weight
A. Teaching and Learning (42%) A1. Percentage of 1st year students who participated in state matura examination 5%
A2. Average score of 1st year students in state matura examination 5%
A3. Percentage of foreign students 6%
A4. Academic staff / Undergraduate students ratio 4%
A5. Proportion of academic staff with the highest degree 8%
A6. Proportion of students with academic scholarships from Ministry of Education and Science 8%
A7. Institutional income per student 1%
A8. Spending on library resources per student 1%
A9. Spending on IT infrastructure and equipment per student 1%
A10. Proportion of undergraduate -level degree recipients who graduated within regular time 1%
A11. Employment rate of undergraduate-level degree recipients 2%
B. Research (40%) B1. Total research income per academic staff 4%
B2. Research income from the Ministry of Education and Science per academic staff 6%
B3. Papers published in peer reviewed journals per academic staff 6%
B4. Papers indexed by Web of Science per academic staff 10%
B5. Books published per academic staff 6%
B6. Number of doctorates granted per academic staff 8%
C. Social Service (18%) C1. Research income from industry per academic staff 8%
C2. Patents issued per academic staff 10%
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